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R’s graduation is now well in the past (May 9, 2011!), but I didn’t want to let it go completely without posting a few pictures here.  Adding that M.D. after his name was such a huge accomplishment and we are all so proud of him!

The day began with a (very) early drive to Emory for the university ceremony.  R was required to attend and I went along for the ride.  There were tons of people and I couldn’t even see where R and his fellow med students sat, but it was a nice ceremony.  Janet Napolitano gave the commencement address.  My Uncle P sent a lovely graduation gift from Hawaii – his and hers leis.  It made a special day even more memorable.

Following the mass ceremony, I met up with all of the family for the medical school ceremony.  It was wonderful to have R’s grandmothers, parents and brother there, as well as my parents and my brother.  We were all thrilled to see R get hooded in the traditional medical green.  It’s real – he’s now Dr. R!  Following the ceremony, the med school held a reception which we would have enjoyed even more if it had not been blistering hot outside.

Back at home, we munched on snacks, cooled down and chatted.  R also opened a few graduation gifts.  He was particularly excited about his new iPad from his parents, complete with Dr. R engraved on the back.

Determined to keep the celebration going, we all went to Ecco for dinner.  Ecco is one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta, and we were excited to share it with our out-of-town family.  We enjoyed great food (there is nothing like Ecco’s fried goat cheese), great drinks, and lots of laughter.  Congratulations, Dr. R!  I’m so glad I now have my own personal resident physician!!!  (Never mind the whole pediatrician part…)


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