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My Life in France

Title: My Life in France

Author: Julia Child & Alex Prud’homme

Published: 2006

Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir

Rating: 4.5 of 5

My Life in France combined many of my favorite things in one enchanting package – books, food, wine, and travel.  Before her death, Julia Child spent several months telling Alex Prud’homme all about the experiences that made her ‘Julia Child.’  Prud’homme compiled her tales into this memoir, retaining her unique tone and matter-of-fact attitude.

Child did not begin learning how to cook until her mid-thirties.  After she and her husband Paul moved to France, she launched herself into learning everything she could about classic French cuisine.  Pursuing her new-found passion with single mindedness and intensity, Child eventually met two Frenchwomen who invited her to co-author a French cookbook for Americans.  After years of dedicated ‘cookbookery’ and some amusing brainstorming (would Method in Cuisine Madness or The Witchcraft of French Cooking have done as well, I wonder?), the now infamous Mastering the Art of French Cooking – and the beginning of Child’s television career – was born.

My Life in France isn’t just about Child’s life in France.  It is also about her happy marriage to Paul, the politics of the decades following World War II, her relationship with family and friends, her life in Paris, Marseilles, Germany, and Norway, and her development into the first successful television chef.  Coupled with dozens of Paul’s lovely photographs and generously scattered with mouth-watering descriptions of various culinary adventures, this book is a fascinating peek into the mind and heart of the incredible woman who revolutionized how Americans thought about food.

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this memoir and would highly recommend it.

Bonus – Take a look at this video clip of Child’s television show, the French Chef.  If you can get over watching her paw at an army of raw chicken without sink or soap in sight, you’ll get a good glimpse at this fascinating woman and a bit of her true joie de vivre.


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