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Beyond the DeepwoodsA friend recommended The Edge Chronicles to me several years ago, when I was looking to add some young adult books to my reading list.  R and I gave the audio version of the first book a shot while driving to Asheville this weekend.  (Ordinarily, I read aloud while he drives, but I’m still recovering from a lingering cough/cold, so we opted for the less vocally-stressful CDs.)

While there were definitely some entertaining bits, we found ourselves exchanging “are you kidding?” looks more often than not as the book progressed.  Eventually, we agreed to turn the whole thing off and just chat for the remainder of our drive.  The book was just too melodramatic for our taste and I’m taking it off of my reading list.


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I Am the Messenger

No one sang The Book Thief‘s praises louder than I did – than I still do!  So it was with great disappointment and a lot of deliberation that I put down Markus Zusak’s previous book, I Am the Messenger.

Perhaps he was still developing his voice when he wrote this book, but I found it nearly impossible to find any commonalities between its matter-of-fact, almost crude, tone and the exquisite writing of The Book Thief.  By the 40th page, I realized that I didn’t know what the book was actually about – and I didn’t really care to find out.

Maybe this is a case of my elevated expectations leading me into frustration.  Still, I decided to move on and take this book off my reading queue.  But hey, I’ll always have The Book Thief.

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